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Dharani Sri
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“Education is the weapon to change the world”
This the quote which I`ve been taught from my middle school. The best way to let women to know about the rights, which are available for her beneficial. The government has launched many schemes like to educate girl children.
By these schemes many rural area girls are educated. But the question is that, do they get to know the laws that are meant for them? The answer is a big NO. this is because we don’t talk much about the laws in schools where spend most their time.
We have to change the syllabus of our textbooks and that should be made easy for the children to understand them. The textbooks should include the struggles for women education and their rights. They should also include many posters and creative projects regarding the rights for women.
We should conduct campaigns in many rural areas where people are unware about these rights. The other way is to act dramas in the rural area and give pamplets with animations. Many of the basic rights are not known by the rural people, for example
1. Dowry Prohibition Act 1961
2. Protection of women from domestic violence act 2005
3. The sexual harassement of women at workplace ( PREVENTION, PROHIBITION and REDRESSAL) act 2013.
4. Zero FIR

Another great tool to spread awareness is the NGOs. With the help of NGOs we can reach more women and help them to overcome their fear and rise against their harassments and violence.

The last but not the least, as Malala said “ one child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world”. But now the thing is we should change the syllabus and pages of that one book. As I said earlier education is the best way but the content should be changed.