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Vivek Adatia
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In the recent times of so called “modernization”, we, the most hypocritical generation of all time, have always acted being the most sensible ones when it comes to having a say in the case of social evils that exist since older times. When we are asked to express our thoughts on social evils, we always have the most logical and sensible reasons to prove it wrong. But the very apparent reality is that, though we are clever enough to know what is wrong, we never follow our own so called “modern” thoughts.

Same is the case when it comes to the evil called Colourism, in our society. We all have read it, heard it and said it infinite times that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. But apparently and unfortunately we have failed to abide by these words and therefore, there still exists “the 4 classes” of people in our society, which are, The Blacks, The Browns, The Yellows & The Whites in their unfair and nonsensical sequence of ascending superiority. Though everyone of us find it unfair and nonsensical but we all have been the victims of this evil in one or the other way. May it be judging someone’s beauty, Intellectual character, humanity, social status and what not on the basis of their colour, we all have knowingly or unknowingly done it which may not always be harmful to the other but have definitely done it.

We are definitely trying to unlearn it by heart but sadly we are nowhere near unlearning it any sooner. Especially the women these days are the most vulnerable group to face colourism quite often. They are always being judged by their colour for their beauty, be it for marriages, be it their love lives, be it socialising with friends and relatives and be it being a representative in any manner like being a heroine, a business women, a public speaker etc.

Therefore, though in very unsaid and non literal way but very apparently, colourism is still the undeniable “Dark” reality of the society.