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Ofcourse, the answer is yes. For the reason that we exist in a cruel world where many girls are dealing with different types of issues very badly. It has become so important to teach every girl child of our nation how to defend themselves in a bad circumstance. Though it’s intolerant to accept, we can’t deny the fact that atleast a girl around the world, at this instant, may be undergoing something which is really worse than a death. And We could see the news of these brutal rapes, domestic violence, sexual harassment and acid attacks that are happening without an end. What’s happening with the government? Is the government taking action? Has all the victims been given justice? Definitely, the answer can’t be so convincing. Many girls out there aren’t provided with liberty just because of any useless brute who never regret in crossing his limits. Why should the girls still get panicked without attempting any mistake? I mean this is so unfair for the womenhood. And I swear if all this nonsense should meet up with an end, all the girls should make themselves ready for the fight against the evil thoughts. To seek and get favour can’t help all the time. Together, all girls should move up the power of women, a step ahead. To make all this happen, government can put hands in its best way. Government can take responsible actions by giving free classes on self-defenses for girls. Government can give priority to the issues women face. Making self-defense a compulsory sessions in schools can help the situation get better. Conducting seminars on self-defense, motivation classes to build them brave and bold are the steps educational institutions can take up in charge.Parents take up the huge responsibility to teach and educate them the importance of self-defense from childhood. They can sow the seeds of a brave and bold woman in her mind during her childhood phase. Hence I conclude by saying self-defense should be made compulsory for girls and the people around her throughour her life should teach her the importance of self-defense.