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We all know that a woman can do everything, she has the ability to manage everything. But there are very people who understand this.
The women who are working as a bus conductor has to face many problem in her life .First of all, working such a bus conductor does not like by anyone, everyone tries to down her moral, that you will not be able to do this, this is not your cup of tea . Working as a bus conductor is a very big decision of her life , then the struggle start bus conductor is not treated equally as a male connector. Many of man and misbehaves with her . And with her very disrespectfully which is not acceptable. Some of the occupational problem faced by women conductors are sometimes passengers are very bad to them like they sexually abuse them and main problem every girl suffered from is periods pain and at that time it became really hard for them to stand for long time and unhealthy to carry heavy stuff as well .
If society does not accept if women bus conductor as they considered is not a part of her job she can do household work for 9 to 5 job . Yes, the time has passed but mentality it is same . Women is not supposed to work as a conductor and if you chooses that she is not accepted by the society and behave in very bad manner. Bus driver also not accept a lady conductor and always a force not to have a woman as a conductor .Many of the passenger misbehave with her and oppose her decision only because she is a woman. In place like India mostly girls can’t do night shift because it’s unsafe for them. According to all the data most of the crimes are at night so it’s very difficult for girl to stay at night and work . many times if women connected does not get a proper sanitized washroom .
I don’t know why job saturated in according to the genders . If a woman is agreed to work as a conductor , then what’s the problem of the society? how she is hunting them ? Even having a lady conductor in a bus is it beneficial for other women also and even to men she is not aggressive she can handle the situation more peacefully and smartly is most aggressive and in this field aggressiveness creates a drastic situation .