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Gayatri Somvanshi
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This is an inevitable truth that most of the women suffer and become victims of crimes because some of them don’t even know that they do have rights for themselves to protect them. Many women especially women in rural areas still suffer and endure domestic violence, rapes and many other issues and have to leave a constricted life and also teach their daughters to live like them like a prisoner. So let’s talk about the ways we can make women aware of their rights, which she owns legally.
The very first and foremost thing is educating every girl. When I say education I don’t mean by only reading those printed pages but to root it from childhood and raising her up with confidence that she is not inferior and doesn’t have any reason to lower her stance unnecessarily. Education should start from home itself. We always tend to tell things which makes us and our daughter fear many things and sometimes especially during teenage years due to fear many girls keep enduring things. So teach your daughter that she has rights to protect her.
Next is spreading awareness to massive masses physically by organising campaigns or being a part of campaigns.
As we know many governments as well as private organisations have actively spread awareness of women rights and organising events , tours to rural areas and checking upon women and also providing them helplines. We have to male them believe that they have ways out and should not hesitate to reach out for help.
Next is social media. We all know social media is a huge platform to reach a huge mass of people and an easy way to reach people for help. Also the way social media has helped to propagate information and women’s rights and even providing their own helplines to help women has been a remarkable brilliant contribution. How many digital influencers are out lending a helping hand to people and also encouraging more and more people to help , protest against crimes.
Last and most important thing is to raise your voice and take action against any misbehaving happening to us or any other women . We often or you can say always turn a blind eye due to fear of these things but we forget that we might be next to suffer. So raise your voice and also assure women that they are never alone.