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IS ( imposter syndrome ) is the state were a woman start believing that She is not as competent as others perceive she to be . While impostor syndrome is not a recognized disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), it is not uncommon. It is estimated that 70% of people will experience at least one episode of this phenomenon in their lives . There’s nothing to be depressed or afraid . It can be overcome .
When a professional women other fellow mates working more efficiently than her giving their 100% she feels like she is not able to perform the job as they are doing and self loud doubt state is there . A woman always says this situation in offices but she doesn’t need to be depressed by that overcome it .
Few way to overcome IS for professional woman:-
1- Women can prepare journal where she can write all the reward she has again.
2- Despite of saying her unsuccessful work she should focus on the successful work she is doing .
3- She should think that if she had not been working properly, the company would have fired her yet, but they did not do it. This means that her work is not wrong here, it is not right but it is also not so wrong. Is she is doing good .
4- She should keep herself busy throughout the day and while reading the book while sleeping at night, she will not pay attention to all these things and will get free by itself.
The biggest reason for this is that she always compare herself with others, while comparison with others, she forget that this will not effect that person but will have a very wrong effect on our thinking and will address this imposter syndrome.
A professional women should always focus on her work and should always try to concentrate her on her work , without comparing her with other’s. she should always remember one thing she is here because she has ability, If she did not have the ability, today hshe would not have been at this place.