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anshika agarwal
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Yes patriarchy is bad and feminism is good. Patriarchy says how masculinity is seen as better, more respected and hold more privileges than women. Femininity says there must be equal respect for women like men in society.
There are some features to the rules of masculinity that makes men feel uncomfortable in their own minds and personalities. What many feminist leaders raised issues for is that men should be more reflective, more practical and more introspective and to be more comfortable with being bring out of things that others may have an issue with .This aspect of feminism especially as it has evolved in recent years can help men understand that keeping up a personality of lot of masculinity is something that not only make others uncomfortable it can directly hurt those they love or care about the most. The many stereotypes of women being overly competitive with each other feminism has been developed around the community and solidarity being pertinent aspects of achieving self-love and self-care. It is much more important for feminists to create a strong community of open-inded and caring individuals. Feminists are more interested in developing a world that feels safe and comfortable for them.
Therefore feminism is way good then patriarchy. It leads to equality and build up confidence in women.