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I would say a big NO to what have been asked above. Because this theory indirectly says women are just the house maids. But that is not true. Women are not designed or programmed to do only the household chores. Still, they do, considering it as a part of their life, daily routine and they take it as their responsibility. A women indeed make a house, a home. They do it whole-heartedly for their own house, children, husband, father, mother, sister, brother and in-laws. Being a working woman, she does her household work by herself. Being a home-maker she does her household work by herself. Being a mother of two,three children she does her household work by herself. Women, in her life cycle, always does her household work. She manages to accomplish all her tasks in the busy schedule and still wears a smile to spark up her life and family. She solves the complexity of the house and provides a vibrant space and life to her companions. Not only maintaining the house chores, she also do a lot more for her home. And most importantly, all this is not done as a favour. But she performs all this as her duty. So, paying her an appropriate stipend is as equal as insulting her I think. And none of the women expect a reward or money for serving her housemates all long the life. What they expect is some love, encouragement and appreciation sometimes. Express your love for them often and look how beautifully they can turn their burden into their joy and pride. Thus, it’s need not required to pay a woman for the house chores she does. Just pay her by giving attention, affection, respect, care and lots of love to her. And the fact is, everyone in this world are indebted to women’s hardwork, kindness and love for life. Hence stay caring and grateful to such a woman in your home.