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Dharani Sri
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“Look at her dress” “look how she exposes her body” “she tries to seek attention”
Oh my god! These words are heard by most of the women including me. Most of the people in the society has this habit of commenting women for their clothes. Their minds are flooded with a wrong opinion that women dress up to catch the attention of the surrounding.
As a woman, I can say that women dress up for themselves and not for course to impress others. We have our own rights to express ourselves and the same we have for our outfit too. Different people have different styles. The thing which you like may not be liked by others and a thing liked by others may not be liked by you. As if you don’t like a woman`s clothe then don’t look at her anymore.
If a woman dressed well, they will comment on it; if a woman dressed short, they will comment on it too. The thing we can get from this is that there isn`t a dress which a woman can wear to stop being criticized by others.
The society is judgmental. and often forgot the famous quote by BRYANT COLLINS, ‘don’t judge a book by it`s cover’. Everyone should stop seeing a woman from her outfit and start to see her from her inner beauty. You may not like the outfit she wears, if you see her inner core, you may like her soul. And that matters the most.
A way ahead, I would like to tell people that its her opinion to express herself to the world. I would like add a point, before judging a book by its cover try to read the pages in between them to understand the concept of the book.