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No, absolutely not women should not be paid for her own household work. Yes, if she is working as a maid then she deserves that it’s her right. She is not a slave or a maid to whom we should pay.
I don’t think any women want wages for working in her own house. I know we all are saying that women should not do house chores or should not do all the work alone but you know when a woman work for the house cook food and do other house chores , yea definitely she feel tired , but she do all this thing with another level of energy and happiness as she is doing this for her family . And this though should not come in mind of any of the family member. A woman should never have to be pay for her work in her own house because it becomes a very insulting for her as then there is no difference between her and a maid.
Yes, if we really want to acknowledge her, really want to thanks her, we only need to say – thank you to her and need to pay respect to her; this is all she want from her family for all her work done .She never thinks about her happiness, she wishes for her children, she is happy at the happiness of her children, happy at the happiness of her husband.
A woman’s world revolves around her child and family’s . Her real salary is her family’s love for her, her happiness is in their success. Yes, I know that even for small things, she has to ask for money from her husband, if she want to buy anything, then it seems strange to ask for money first for him. Isn’t that mean a woman asking for money from her husband to work on her own home. This is also a very good and easy way, whenever the husband get his salary, he can give half of his money to his wife for the expenses of the house. A woman has full rights over a man’s money, not because she is his wife, because the man goes out and earn money because the woman manages to stay at home and gives food to the man from time to time. She takes care of everything, so she is able to work in the office without any tension.
A man gets the fruits of his hard work in monetary terms and the woman gets the fruits of her hard work in love in such a way that they both get money for their work, The earning formula of both is different but the value of both earnings is same. So, we should respect both of them. Either one of these two formula not working , there is no happiness left in the house, so to keep happiness in the house, it is necessary to follow these two formulas together.