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Yes, in some ways a woman’s play a role in hair patriarchy.
This is a saddest truth of the society that a woman itself all the rights and responsibility to the man and work on his decision. No one gives our right we have to fight for our rights, responsibility and power. But women don’t do that. Man has control and right because we have given it to him.
A woman does it by asking man, whether she does or not. Then, whether they do it on their own or under pressure. Many women have such a mind-set that if they have to lift heavy goods, then man can only do this work, it is not her cup-of-tea . Many women start saying to their girls from childhood that you do not talk much, you will come forward from house chores, do not argue more. Her is your father, you cannot argue with him, you should not talk to them like this, tell me what you want to say, but you cannot talk to your father like this. I am not saying that we should talk to our father in a bad way, but we should talk to our father and mother both in the same way, we should respect them in the same way, both are older than us, one has given us life, one is responsible for bringing us into this world . So, both should be treated in the same way .Many women refuse their girls to wear shorts in front of her father, they believe that she should not wear such clothes in front of the father because he is her father bigger than her, then She should not do so. Oaky let’s get dressed how you like but how can we wear those clothes in front mother, which we cannot wear in front of the father? Is it right? A woman always tell her child that if you want to be happy in marriage, do not speak more than the husband , always accept what he says , as he is your well-wishers this is the thing that promotes man empowerment in wrong way. This is the thinking that a woman has transferred to her future generation and from here she promotes patriarchy.
There are some women of society who comment on a girl clothes “how will she wear the clothes of the boys” and “wear short clothes, see her a blouse ” these few women who comment on a girl and become enemies of the girls themselves. And if a girl wants to hang out with a man more than girls, then they would also start commenting on her that she has started living with boy’s a lot nowadays. Girls are commenting on other girls, it’s in the 20th century they are still doing so .
In this Morden era , a woman has become an enemy of a woman, a woman who wants to be something, wants to say something, her mother or in-law prevents her from doing that . And just says “you cannot do this, you are a girl, it does not suit you” women’s are not even getting the support from the other women’s . Many of the women demotivated other women.