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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Girls physically mature faster than boys due to the quicker process of puberty. Girls undergo puberty 1-2 years early and generally finish the stages of puberty earlier too. Experts say that girls have a better capacity for judgement and impulse. Biologically every person is different and I believe maturity comes with experience. Dealing with different kinds of situations is a matter of what you have seen or what you have been taught. Giving girls the label of being “mature” because of their gender is sexist. It turns what might be an achievement into a gender characteristic. This is “benevolent sexism”. It means that assumptions are made about a gender that seems to be nice, but are still sexist. This is also derogatory towards men because they are being covertly termed as “immature”. It is because of this that men have difficulty in expressing their feelings. They are never taught to practice these skills as they are given a free pass when it comes to emotional maturity.
Should we be telling young girls that “you are more mature than boys?” By saying this we are teaching them that the responsibility of being the bigger person will always fall on them. Maturity should not be taken as an excuse to make girls shoulder more responsibilities and teach young boys nothing. Isn’t it just the prejudice that asks them to take responsibility for men’s actions? Boys also shouldn’t be excused for their behaviour. Kids should not be raised differently based on this. Girls are generally asked to make allowances for boys as they mature faster but boys never asked to look up to girls. This is often used as a barrier in relationships. It is often told that “women should settle down with men older than them”. Society defines maturity as the desire for women to settle down faster than men do and not the ability. However, people should be treated equally regardless of at what pace they mature.