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Shumaila Siddiqui
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As a society we are now talking about women empowerment and finally taking some small steps towards making them empower. But in reality the there are some aspects where we are lacking to make it possible. I think it is still a dream to make women empower because 80% of the woman in India is suffering due to the lack of the support, motivation and the attention that they need to become empowered. Women are now working in every sector possible, but they are still fighting for the rights which need to serve them in a proper manner.
An empowerment comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. And there is no one better than women to have the power because she can nail hard work with ease. To make women have empowered in a reality we need to brush it off the idea that men are the only source of the solution for everything in life.
Women are going through lot of hurdles in their life, lacking in confidence, and not having the security of financially independent. By having women in a reality that is empowered in a true sense can make wonders in a society. A woman should also strive to be a better version of themselves by each passing days.
I hope one day we can say proudly that all our women is empowered and make that a reality and not only in dreams.