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Yes, I agree with that because girls in colleges and schools they get more friendly with female teachers, it will be great if there will be more female teachers in universities. As well as students interaction with female teachers is more stronger than male because after all she is a women inside her there is mother nature. So children get attach more with female teachers and in kindergartens also kids get more attached with female teachers because they care like mother they use to keep eye on children like mother. They seem to have more patience and soft spoken when it comes to kids. Teaching kids is the most difficult thing. Because one has to be very patience to make them understand everything from scratch. So females are more preferred when it comes to teach primary or secondary level kids. Females tend to have more of a liking for the little kids and have a temper suited to working with them. Kids are more comfortable with female teachers because they teach children in a funny way where as men are kind of strict towards kids there temper doesn’t match with children and women do understand kids with there facial expressions whether they understand or not. If not they change there teaching way for kids to understand them more easier. Women has some kind of energy and positive attitude towards children that kids mostly like female teachers.