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Apoorva Pathak
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Water and sanitation play an important role in women’s life. Water is not essential for drinking but also for washing, preparing food, hygiene, and many more. According to the world, bank women play an important and close role in water and sanitation projects.
WASH (Water, sanitation, and hygiene) is an initiative that promotes public health for international development. For developing this initiative of hygiene one should have adequate knowledge. Accessibility to safe water is very important 18% of the population lack safe water access. For having proper and safe water one should have proper management and sustainable usage.
To keep water safe and hygienic one to have proper sanitation some time lack of sanitation and poor hygiene leads to water-borne diseases. WHO and UNICEF are regularly working on water, sanitation, and hygiene it has developed joint ventures such as the millennium development goal and sustainable development goal. Even the government of India is developing schemes for water and sanitation such as abolishing open defection and building toilets in the rural area and Swaach Bharat Abhiyan which is working on a large scale for the eradication of unhygienic activities of water contamination and providing a better and healthy environment to live. This not only encourages women’s sanitation but for all. Many diseases are caused due to contaminated water during the menstrual time.
Promoting hand wash is one of the initiatives by developing countries that have reduced morbidity. Women are given education and ideas through where NGOs, advertisements, and ASHA workers about how we can save water about various safe conservation technologies, and how one can be safe and remain healthy during the menstrual cycle. In earlier times women and girls use to travel a long distance to collect water and also face many problems of eve-teasing and harassment now the government has made wells and tubes near or in the center of the village so that women don’t have to face threats.