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simran arora
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I agree with the fact that patriarchy is bad and feminism is good. However, one may misunderstand feminism at times. Feminism represents women’s rights concluding from gender roles, but that is not the only thing. Feminism also expands the world for other gender roles and gives them space to express themselves in society.

Patriarchy formulates the male gender to stay ahead in the community, but often things may not work as planned. Over time, patriarchy’s rules have traumatized women in society and have put men on pedestals too. Such behavior has released the proactive rape culture. For example, as per the rules of patriarchy, women who wear short clothes ask for sex or are desperate for sex. While the truth is it’s their choice, and other people do not have the right to pass judgments like this. Contrarily, feminism has allowed folks to outstand the rape culture by saying no or fighting back the bad behavior.

Another reason why feminism is good is the option to improve yourself or develop one’s personality. Most of the time, patriarchy has endlessly been toxic to masculinity. The only difference is that some people do not resist, and a few others choose to stay in position because those men are safe.

Patriarchy imposes negativity, oppression, suppression, and hatred that often surround hurt, leaving a psychological impact on both men and women. One of the benefits that men have achieved from feminism is that they can help the women in their families without following any stereotypes and can support themselves for society-opposing roles.

Lastly, when we talk about patriarchy, we should talk about the devastation it has caused on both men and women. It is likely to consider patriarchy feminine and patriarchy masculine because as far as men play a role in suppressing women, vice versa can also take place.