Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Gender Justice Can it be acknowledged that – generally speaking – men are better at some things than woman, and vice versa? Reply To: Can it be acknowledged that – generally speaking – men are better at some things than woman, and vice versa?

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No, I strongly contradict this theory.
Ok, let me ask you what is the basic difference between men and women.
Have any answer? Yaa, not having penis and uterus. Is it? So what difference is made by a penis or uterus?
Peeing process?- not a big deal.
Periods? – men also can have illness for 3 days in a month so let’s leave it.
Yes, there’s nothing much vital difference between men and women.
Asking about strength? Does a boy generally have good strength or they have to work on it? – yes, for a muscular body, they have to work out too. What if we let our girls work out and make them strong in spite of feminine? Yaa, it’ll break society’s norms that’s it.
Asking about bone strength? What if we stop to let our girls feel inferior and give them right amount of nutrition?
Yes, now you’re getting the point, if there’s any difference between men and women then it’s about social boundaries.
If there’s rape, then it’s not only the result of girls being weak, it’s actually the results of society’s illness.
There’s no work discrimination, it’s all made by society.
What? Women lack courage? Have you seen ‘sati pratha’? Do you think a human need to be more brave than who is going to be burned alive?
You think men can’t cook? There’s lots of male master chef
Women can’t fight? Have you seen that women fighter pilot? Or aren’t you from era of Mary Kom?
Men can’t make up for mother? Yaa, but they can surely be a good father who can manage mother’s duty.
So. It’s clear that it’s all about what society sees and allows. That’s what need to be changed. Yes it’s true that not everyone is Sania Mirza or Indira Gandhi, neither every boy is Swami Vivekanand or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose either. But we should let them explore themselves like a human being without gender discrimination. Thus only we can grow as a human.