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No, I don’t acknowledge this theory. Obviously I’m not supporting our long extent custom of having women , mainly wives as a 24×7 worker.
What I’m getting into is, doing our own household works are among the basic life-skills which everyone must know in order to have a great living without depending on someone else. But it is obviously not applying that our society should make someone to do all their jobs for all day long just because they can do it and itself get a big rack and sleep. Or this should never allow to let some gender forget all her dreams and work while for another gender we are suggesting that they never have to do any household chores and just enjoy the outside life.
If someone is earning through doing household works, then that’s fine because that’s their earning policy. But you can’t apply this for your own house. If it’s your house then work is also yours. You are paying cause someone else is doing your jobs, working on your place .
And if we talk about family, that house you are living are for others too. And so there should not be any rules that it’s only a wife’s duty to preserve it. Family members should divide the work and have each other’s back in problematic situations. And that’s why we call them family.