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A professional woman can overcome the imposter syndrome, so basically it is the idea that a person is succeeded in his /her life because of luck or family support not because of his /her talents and education qualification. Professional women let this thought never come in their mind because it can take a toll on their mental health women, this thing in women’s mind arises when society people are constantly targeting women by saying that you are here because of your luck and you don’t have the knowledge, you got a supportive family and you have applied illegal ways to come these far in your life, this how people express their jealousy and hatred to competent professional women, every woman can deal with this syndrome by sharing how you are feeling to people who are close to you, learning through the constructive criticism, making sure to improve it. Most women experience doubts but it important is that not let your doubt control you and your actions for the better, a professional woman should never stop believing in herself she is capable of everything, make sure she surrounds herself with people who support her. There are different types of imposter syndrome perfectionism is one of the types women always try hard to make things perfect in the first go and try to do it all by themselves but if something does not go as they wanted imposter syndrome arises, also it is important to be independent but not to the extent where they don’t want any other people to help, and opinion, ideas this sounds the traits of arrogant and self-obsessed person even if they are not like this. Professional women can overcome this by doing the right things According to the study suggests 70% of people experience it for a period of time in their professional career.