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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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Patriarchy Is Bad and Feminism is Good. Your View?
Patriarchy is basically the system that lays the base of the society and declares men of each family, head of the family. For example, in my family, my grandfather is the eldest in the male lineage, hence he is the head of the family. On the other hand, feminism is the theory that explains and advocates the rights of women and promotes equality of genders by uplifting the women of the society and bringing them at par with the men. Law says each and every individual is equal in the eyes of it. Then why does the patriarchal setup and system of the society see men to be higher in level as compared to women? I believe patriarchy is bad and feminism is good.
The biggest loophole here is that patriarchy clearly supports the male gender and declares it to be superior to women, etc. On the other hand feminism uplifts women and levels their strata with that of the men in the society. It does not bring down men lower to women. Rather than demeaning any gender, I believe considering them all equal is a much better option and idea. Patriarchal mindsets of people have not only ruined women’s lives in households, but also in workspaces, out in the open, competition and politics. It is not only against law, but also against humanity. And this is what makes it clear that it is absolutely unacceptable.
In the current times, our aims and goals should be to flourish as a society, as mankind, as the human race, and not as men and women. In order to make this happen, we will first have to level the top layer of the soil of our society. We will first have to make sure that each and every human, irrespective of their gender or sexuality, feels socially secure and the same as the others. Making someone feel inferior or superior to the people around them is clearly fuelling up the anger of and infuriating the people against each other. This will only break us up further and the dreams of becoming better leaders, citizens, and humans will be long gone by then. Hence, we must focus on feminism rather than patriarchy and understand that patriarchy is bad and feminism is good. Glorifying one gender will get us nowhere, glorifying the human race definitely will.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat