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Yes, I believe feminism is good and patriarchy is bad, feminism basically talks about that women should have the same rights and equal opportunities as men in society have .whereas patriarchy talks about the social system that gives power and control to the man to make decisions for men and both, patriarchy is bad because it teaches men are superiors and has the liberty to do what they want. Patriarchy is followed in many Indian families it’s like if the head of the family makes some decision every other member of the family has to follow it without question even if it is wrong, because of this patriarchy women’s thoughts and voice is always suppressed. We have to end this patriarchy, one of the reasons for the feminist movement was also this, people have to understand this and make it clear that men and women have equal rights, men should be in control instead of taking control of women’s life. Women deserve equal pay and opportunities, women are not inferior, why always men get what they want easily and women have to fight for it. People have the wrong notion that feminism is only for women, feminism is meant for everyone. Patriarchy saying is man up don’t show your emotions, don’t cry like women. Why can’t men can express the emotions are they not humans. Its Women’s traits of being weak, this so wrong. Feminine qualities are valuable, important, and can be valid in every is good because it benefits everybody and it is very necessary to bring change in people. Feminism helps to share the better relationships between men and women, both are much demanded that the media should change the representation of women and men. it also will helps men to rethink the patriarchal standards. That’s why think feminism is good.