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India is a developing country and so each day we are evolving, accepting new changes in a positive way whether they are new rules, policy, amendments, etc. But still, each woman is expected to stay at home, maybe after marriage or after studies are completed, Peoples mentality has been the same still, instead of so many changes and people easily accept western culture but when it comes to women, it is still lagging behind.
Female is expected to feminine and should learn things which don’t change their work, or they should study the course which is moreover related to indoor and within the area nearby because she is a woman… It is nowhere written or any framed policy that women should do house chores and stay at home, and men only should earn and run a family.
The working women strive to maintain a balance between office and household chores. Women’s contribution to the world can be considered more positive than men’s. Women are not to be kept at home and treated as servants to each family member but they too have passions and so to fulfill them, they need to be free from restrictions.
In India, this scenario is too common and it’s mostly because of region or culture and most people’s mentality towards women.