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Manpreet Singh
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A married woman is generally asked this question “When is the good news?” also most of these questions were asked only to a woman and not to my man in society. Why is that? Isn’t man going to be the father of the child? Is it not a mutual decision between couples? In our society, there seems to be a designated age for everything a woman should do, and one has to adhere to their norms in order to live peacefully. Finish your graduation in the early ’20s, get married at 24–25, have kids immediately or one year later.
If a woman does talk about not being ready to have kids, then she is called a selfish woman or generally given advice on why motherhood is the best thing a woman can experience. Everyone just talks about how wonderful parenthood is. No one ever tells you why you should not have a baby. No one advises you about the difficulty the process is. No one shares their own difficulties, of being a mother, to couples who are planning to have one.
Because all these difficulties are normalized and Being a mother is normalized. It is commonly said that Everyone faces this so one should do it. Most of the mothers today never think about whether they really wanted to be mothers. Society and patriarchy do not give them any other choice or opinions on the matter. It has become a norm that a woman should become a mother, just because she can give birth to children.
Why? Why didn’t anyone question it before? Why didn’t anyone just stop for a moment and think whether motherhood is really their cup of tea? Are we not minimize the importance of a woman’s career and other choices by this? Don’t we just generalizing that all mothers can conceive and not even consider whether they want to? Are we not reinforcing the stereotypes by asking the woman and not the man? Time has really come when we should break these stereotypes and give some equal hand to women in reproductive choices