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Manpreet Singh
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The whole notion that women should be homely and have a dedication towards their husbands has its ancient origins. Our ancient texts relating to the Hindu religion have basically gender divided the roles of males and females with women given the role to maintain the household while the men go out and do main jobs. A religious and divine blend was too given to this norm where the woman was expected to consider her husband as her god and how she has to be his caretaker for the next seven lives. These narratives were good in the ancient times when the social norms were at par and there was no light of modernity. But is it wise to carry them into the 21st century and continue to consider them divine and necessary?
The problem with this narrative being continued in the present time is that it is hampering the overall development of women in society, especially in our society. It won’t be wrong to say that they have been reduced to a mere servant or an object of home that can be controlled according to the whims and fancy of the house head. This further leads to atrocities against women in the form of dowry, domestic violence, and harassment. Times have changed rapidly in the last few years where the right to privacy is now a fundamental right. But what about the fundamental rights of women where she is still can’t have basic human rights? Why we as a society have failed in this regard?
Time and again, the only root cause for the many problems against women is the deep-rooted patriarchal system that we have in our society, with the government doing nothing to shift our mindset fearing backlash. Our generation is now getting literate and it is the best time to take action when the iron is hot. We are wasting a lot of talent just like this because we have redefined gender roles. This needs to be changed.