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Bollywood is a big part of the Indian entertainment industry Bollywood is evolving by making women as the lead in the film not more as sidekick in the films. Some directors are trying to change people’s mindset of people towards women by making films based on women’s stories. Movies like thappad, Raazi, pink and neerja, Shakuntala etc, dangal was one of the big hit films it shows people are more interested in watching the films like this. Earlier portrayal of women was seen only as beautiful partner of the cool hero in film or for dancing in film for item number, playing the role of innocent, earlier Bollywood never portrayed women as strong, revenge taking, and independent women, but now everything is slowly changing. Actress also wanted to do more roles based on women, some class society is still not ready to accept they are also protesting, for it example during the release of Padmavat of Deepika Padukone was shown as role shown from the royal queen of Rajput family and captures Alauddin khilji so there was a protest by Rajputs because they thought they are showing wrongly portraying the queen in the film. but the movie still released and was a hit. so directors and writers should take the risk and make such films. there is still a lot has to improve we want to see women doing the action in the action movie and I hope it happens soon. Actress such as bhumi pednekar,tapsee pannu, anushka sharma , alia Bhatt has confidently accepted the roles without thinking about whether people like the film or not made the film blockbuster. This kind of film empowers the women and women to feel like they are also valued, appreciated. Bollywood has a long way to go ,a lot is changing and a lot needs to be changed.