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A women is always expected to work 24×7 . She is considered as a machine which is once started will stop after all the work done means in night and get rest so that she can work more efficiently from the next day .
A woman has to cook food , wash utensils , wash cloth , clean the house , buy the necessary item for the house , get the children do their homework . And she is expected to do all this work alone no one is ready to help everyone has excuse and at last people say “ what she do ? Just do the simple house chores , everyone do that . What’s new on that? Let it be she will not understand ” …. My simple question is that …did ever you understand how much work she has to do . Yeah it seems house chores are very easy but when you start doing them you will never know when the time passes . Without taking any rest , without thinking about herself , being selfless…. she do all the work and at last she have to hear “ you will not understand you don’t have any work ” slow claps .
Time has changed , thinking is changed , but the people remains the same still women’s are expected to do all the work alone . Why don’t a men initiate to help her wife . I don’t feel that , while doing house hold work one should feel shameful . We talk about equality – We talk about right , so where all these right has gone when it comes to house chores . Do this is quality or this right doesn’t apply here or they fluctuate according to the situation and need . If we change a look according to the time , then we can also change our thinking , a man should help a woman in the work .
In early age, girls are asked to do to the household work since it is considered as her duty which she should know . But why don’t boys ask to help her mother he can also help in the house chores , he can also wash the utensil , can broom the house , can wash his own clothes . It’s not is sole duty of a woman the work should be divided in the house and every member should perform it . And a woman should stand for her rights as to get equality she has to fight for the equality.