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anshika agarwal
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People expect women to sacrifice herself and work for their in laws whole heartedly. In india people see every relationship as successful, but if we go deeper we will get to know that it is all because of women who had sacrificed herself, her will, her desires for adjust in the family.
The woman empowerment continues until she gets married. In India most of the women don’t work after their marriage becuase their in- laws don’t allow this. And the families that allow her to do the job after marriage they wish that daughter-in-law must reach home on time and do household chores all by herself. They in reality want a maid who will not charge anything. When it comes to adjustments and understanding things in the relationship only women are taught to compromise. Each girl is taught before her marriage by society and parents that she should learn the housebold chores and adjust after her marriage. This clearly shows us that parents are ones who teach a female gender that in life she has to make adjustments and have the skill to let go things. Many women’s can’t pursue her dream and her ambitions just because after marriage she has to look after her family. And after that she has been forced to have another responsibility of a child. She don’t want to be a mother but still she had to sacrifice herself and adjust in the family and listen to their all bull shit.
Society should stop expecting women to compromise and adjust in all situations. Whether the relationship is toxic for her or good for her.A woman has her ambitions, her desires, her will. Let her fulfill that and reach to the top. Let her open her wings and fly.