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anshika agarwal
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Yes! Society discriminate against women with adopted children. Because in India every family wishes to have a child of their own as he has to take the famile ahead. It should definitely a blood relation.
It’s disheartening and disgusting thing a women can face. When some women have complications in conceiving. She is given different names by the society or she is said incomplete by the society. People pass on irrelevant comment on her. Seems like men marry women just for having kids who can take their descendant ahead. It can be her choice to either conceive or not. Society is no one to judge her. When she adopt a child, society still pass on comments on her and the husband’s family also not wish to give someone’s else child their name. They traumatize women and make her weak. Due to which she started feeling incomplete by herself. If a women adopted a child then he/she never given the full love by the family. And if after some years if women conceive and have her own baby society start discriminating in both the child. The love second child get is always higher then the adopted one. It always hurts the mother because as a mother she loves both of her children equally. But society discriminates, if she raises voice against the same she is beaten and ignored. If an unmarried woman wishes to adopt a child then she is being judged by the society.
Society should stop discriminating. If both the mother and child are happy with each other than society is nobody to judge them and discriminate against her.