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It’s a well known fact that women still do majority of her household works. In this rapidly growing world, still some people tend to stay in their backward mentality supporting the male chauvinism. Speaking about male chauvinism, I do not address only the men category. Even some women are included who still think and grow a girl child saying it’s her duty to take care of the house and house chores. Ofcourse, a woman should look after herself, her home and it’s works. But why should she take care of everything only by herself? People say that a woman is dependent on her father, husband and child at her differing life cycle. Now, this ideology has started facing its extinction. Many women out there are capable of being independent and soon many will be. Likewise, it’s possible for the men too to share some responsibility in maintaining the house. I appreciate all those men who already got this right and live accordingly. But there are some who still hesitate to take over house chores just because assuming that it’s a women’s duty. All those people are need to be taught some gender equality so that, together ,we could build a liberal world