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Women tend to compromise more in becoming married and in maintaining the relationship of a marriage. she has to leave her house ,her parents, culture, ,food, habits, dressing sense change city, may be daily routine too depending upon boy’s family. Career, education, personal time are a few areas in which women compromise in a marriage. After Marriage women has to compromise with their goals and their dream. Women has to be independent and support their family but after marriage all the responsibilities of family and child are given to her. Women compromise more than men because after marriage men follow there dreams but women have all the responsibilities of household, taking care of family and most importantly they sacrifice there carrier in most of the cases. We cannot generalize women as a whole because it depends on the individual, how he/she has been brought up, and also the situations where they are getting compromised. Whether it is a man or woman, when someone is more compromising than the other, then the marriage will not be a successful one in the long run and it will lead to frustration rather than love. So, to have a successful marriage both should compromise on one or the other occasions.