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Gayatri Somvanshi
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It’s because we have always thought that girls are meant to cook and look after children. Now we have all witnessed women are always expected to do chores . Especially when it comes to working women, they are expected to manage both sides of work. If by chance they are unable to handle it they are often told to choose home rather than working at home. There have even been cases where wan is not allowed because of work as they think that they will not look after family well.
The point is why is it only women’s responsibility to do home chores? Why can’t a man lend a helping hand to her?
A marriage is amalgamation of two individuals .They are other halves of each other so why not equal distribution of chores ?
So the main reason for this is upbringing .
There are many households who teach boys everything from cleaning to cooking. In Fact in many households boys help their mother in everything including cooking.
But there are houses where a girl is expected to do everything. It is often thought to boys that they are only meant to work and chores are for girls. So often in these kinds of households girls are not educated.
But if we change the way of teaching our children then sure gender equality will exist in all the things and why not just start with this basic thing and from our home itself.
The second thing is to let them realise that manual work is not degrading and it’s an important part of life and every work is great and not shameful.
Teach them that it’s our own responsibility to keep our house clean.
Cooking is a basic skill that everyone should know so it should be taught.
So there should be no shame in doing these chores .
If this is taught in each and every household, girls won’t need to be burdened with handling both the situation and it would be easy. There is nothing wrong in sharing the burden and this is a sign of being a man.