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Dharani Sri
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Approximately 36 countries including India, in which some rapists are not even considered as criminals because they are married and the victim is their wives. They also have a name for it called MARITAL RAPE.
According to Section 375, Exception 2 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), sexual intercourse by a man with his wife, her wife not being under fifteen years of age is not rape. This indirectly says that it is legal and not a crime to rape a woman, until you are married to her.
This insists to every woman in the country that they are only a sex doll to her husband. They can`t say no or raise against that abusement. If they even come to file a case they are not recognized.
Because of this many men say that if a man is married, then marriage is their license to rape. If a wife says ‘no’, then where will he go. This ultimately proves that if a woman is married everything about her belongs to her husband, even her body. What a ridiculous thing is this? Section 375 says that girls under 15 years of age, if raped by her husband with or without her consent, is a crime. But when the same happens to women above 15 years is not a crime. How can this be acceptable?
In India about 70 percent of women are the victims of domestic violence. If they file complaint against their abusement, they are not protected. The law provides a safeguard to the culprits and endanger the victims. Is this the way how government protects the women against harassment?
A rape is a sexual intercourse of a man with a woman without her will. A rape is a rape. Now think, what is the reason of seeing the marital status of the women? We people are in the year of 2021, our technology is also developing. But what about the law? The government must take necessary actions. at the end of the sentence, no means no.