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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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The current pendulum shift towards focusing on women in the workplace is a little bit confusing. The last decade has addressed an imbalance and they’ve given more voice to women in the workplace. Gender inequality exists in the world which affects men as well. There is deeply ingrained sexism that exists knowingly and unknowingly. We also hear nowadays “I didn’t get the job because I am a man” along with “I didn’t get the job as I am a woman”. There should be an equal opportunity for however you identify. Women have biologically acquired the skill of motherhood but people do become parents. So why isn’t there a paternal leave in the workplace? It is discriminatory against men. We have made everything a “woman’s” issue but it’s every person’s issue. Why are men expected to be emotionless? Why be a proper gentleman you have to pull the chair out in a restaurant? There is a stereotypical mindset of society that men can’t be tortured. There are no specific laws for men facing domestic violence as women have. People can’t accept that sometimes it is not privileged to be a man. They are subjected to the responsibility of carrying the financial responsibility when they grow up. Women can be a homemaker but a man cannot. There are notions men are stronger can hit their wives but we can’t overlook the fact that women hire goons or send their brothers to beat a guy even if it a false case. In 2014, the Delhi Commission for Women published a report stating that 54% of rapes reported in the city in 2013 were false. The media concentrates on glorifying the cases of women but not of men being subjected to violence and humiliation.
From selecting colours to wear, to be masculine, to be aggressive there are so many labels given to a man. Questioning why he wears clothes designed for women or put on makeup is still an issue. Isn’t the phrase “all men are the same” demeaning towards men? In movies, television show when a woman is hit it becomes a national issue but when it is practised towards men why is it not? Violating the code of idealised masculinity is a point of stress for men. Gender equality can only be achieved when we give men today the appreciation they deserve and the space to make their own choices.