Not Helpful

In the covid period maybe we all have got some free time except women she has to go through the slot and they have to work 24×7.right from Making morning tea and to dinner, also house help it got more difficult, they also have to sanitize everything. Also, there was a lot of t cases of domestic violence and harassment was happening to women. They were doing their office and also managing housework. I think men should also help the women in house help, women will also feel supported. even some are frontline warriors they can’t meet their family for a long time, and single women face a slot of financial difficulty during lockdown there saving got used and the situation is still is not control, companies are removing women as first priority. Pregnant women during delivery of the baby and going for has to take care a lot and there was also news some women had a miscarriage. Some women got free time to follow their passion like cooking, dancing, and painting, singing. Women who had planned their dream wedding were not possible every woman had their own struggle in a pandemic. No matter how tired they are they always never show in front of others, they fight all in silence. I hope government creates new opportunities for women.