Shumaila Siddiqui
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Leadership is not for your sake but it is the collective sake for others. Whoever holds leadership should be of giving nature, and nobody is better at giving rather than woman. They are the most giving personality. They have very loving and caring nature towards everybody.Their heart is made with love and affection. Also, they have some great abilities to make leadership work for a longer period. They can go multitasking without creating any fuss.They are pro at decision-making and executing them in proper order.They have the nature of holding together everyone so if they become leader they will hold people together and more tightly than any other human being.
I think women are brilliant choice for any kind of leadership. If you have leaders who are women we will be able to see a lot of change in every aspect at every department of the country or in the family or any sector where they are being chosen leaders. We can say clearly that they can run leadership most efficiently and constructively to make the associated places and people proud and satisfied.
We just need to make them stronger, motivate them and help them to build a good leadership. Woman can do a wonders if only they can make a move towards anything she desires. So buckle up ladies, you are already a leader you just need to make a move.
Make a move to make a loop.😅