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First of all, about transgender people, the most feared issue is our society. Yes, government has launched a few schemes on 2014,’16 to make this discrimination clear, to allow them as a third-gendre and give them proper access to education, health Organization, employment and so on. But how much these issues make any better position for hizras from begging in roads, buses, trains , that’s really a typical issue.
From people’s minds, maybe they are clear about law but still can’t consider transgender as members of our family.
Some organizations or states launched schools for trans human beings which is obviously appreciated but if there’s no discrimination against them, why we can’t see transgender in our public schools sitting besides other children. And if somehow there’s one, he/she has to constraint about gender reveal. Otherwise ill remarks like ‘chakka’ and hizre will continuously abuse them.
Yes, right to transgender person bill preserve right to equality, Non-discrimination, education, free speech, life and personal liberty,live in a community, integrity and protection from torture, abuse, violence, exploitation.
But just how much liberate they are? There’s just a few countable citizens who really accepted a transgender in their community and above all, they clearly states that no transgender should come among gentleman’s community. Our newspaper are printing like ‘ India’s first transgender…… ‘. If they already had this much liberation, then why first?
With the employment issues, there’s much ‘only for female’or ‘ only men can apply’ type of jobs. Have you ever seen ‘ only for transgender’? So, it’s clear that maybe there’s no discrimination in government jobs, but having total liberation is still out of reality.
In some practical reports. We can see transgender people are always afraid with health issues. They are being harrased as nobody from parliament is not going to walk into there with them obviously.
They are often seen as vectors of HIV, though it practically has no connection with it. Trans people are so afraid to go to hospital with these HIV issues that they rather wants to meet death.
Even their own family is harrasing them. Some even report to get approx killed.
Transgender people in India are allowed to change their legal gender post -sex reassignment surgery under legislation passed in 2019 and re-assured by district magistrate. Thus it gives unofficial power to that official. Including they might have to go through some unwilling procedure.
They are never accepted by the society, thus having restricted approach to hospital management, education Center is still an ongoing issue.
So laws on transgender people is not maybe a total rejection but it has to be modified more and with these people need to be more polite and easygoing towards the transgender community.