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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Children’s are affected from every situation comes in their childhood. Some are very sensitive ones who get influenced by any mishap happens and it touches their personality in a very negative way. A child will become what they saw in front of their eyes. Domestic violence at home is the scariest experience children have during their upbringing. The children with this kind of environment end up with a mental illness. Their mental health is deteriorated from the very beginning when the child needs the most affection and love. Though, parents make their basic needs to be fulfilled but their internal needs are being ignored. The mental trauma occupying their mind and body result into a drastic effect once they are adults. Children’s needs the atmosphere of love affection and kindness. They don’t need to see the violence and make that a part of their life. A child with domestic violence background assumes that its normal to do domestic violence or to be a victim of the violence because of the normalcy created around them. Life becomes very tough for these children’s because of the mental illness they face (the noise of violence at night haunts, the screams ,the helplessness, the trauma and the dark past).
Basically, domestic violence is like a murder for their physical and emotional growth. They end up being under confident, low self-esteem and behave cowardly at every problem and circumstances. Sometimes the child does not show any symptoms in their childhood but the symptoms start once they reach adulthood and one cannot find the reason for their mental illness at that particular time.Therfore, As a human being we all should seek medical help and treatment if we go through rough patch of our mental health. Domestic Violence is not the solution for health in any way. It only ruins the whole people associated with us and most importantly the next generation of our species are being traumatized for no reason.
Protect your children before it’s too late.