Apoorva Pathak
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Leadership means both research and practical skill should be the basic character of an individual. Today women are working In different fields and have established their unique identity. Albeit after so many obstacles they are flying with colors but the qualities of leadership are not enriched in one particular day. It has to be enhanced every day.
Women are coming up even in the male-dominated culture and business. They are ruling in workplaces such as science(Marie curie worked on the radioactive particle, Jennifer Dondan 2020 Nobel prize in chemistry), in politics( Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto), in sports ( P V Sindhu, Saina Naiwal). Even today women are on the Forbes list such as angela Merkel, Kamla Harris, and many more. To be a good leader one should be an effective communicator who can influence people around them. Have a strategic vision so that she can sustainably deal with things. Should also be creative as well as innovative and also possess excellent skills in emotional intelligence.
We have also seen that even in freedom movements of different countries women played an important role in gathering collective mass to nationalism. The leader can be created in anyone if she is having the will to achieve heights.
To enhance leadership government can induce confidence through different incentives such as skilling, equipping women with technology, providing a secure environment to work.
To enhance quality within oneself women should able to manage their emotions which plays an important role in every field, admit when you are wrong this creates a sense of morality within. Women character is god gifted her mind is created in such a way through which she can see the long-distance vision and enhance the situation with more potential than man. As she is a mother, a daughter, a wife, and many more and she just fits in every role.