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Recent years have seen a good curve for women in Indian cinema, as now some movies bring out female lead characters or women-oriented movies, like Queen, Chhapaak, Thappad. Now there’s a change, a good one, a positive approach, many support but few are against this still. Women whether in real life or reel life were portrayed back like, dependent on men for each little thing but as times changing people are adopting and evolving towards a positive approach.
Many movie’s contents were not used to show their portrayal as strong, independent back then. during the start of cinema or mid-era, women were to be rolled for feminist type character or innocent or one who will be always listening to men. In cinemas, directors choose actresses who are beautiful and most importantly the ones who would agree to each thing laid by the heads.
As society entered the world of modernization the role of women changed. However little has been said about the importance of films in portraying women in shifting roles over different decades and the impact it has on society in general. Contemporary films portray women as more independent, confident and career-oriented, which was last seen during the mid eras. Bollywood is not just about movies and content, but people follow it and imitate some of the things and act and content in reality. So, women should be depicted in a correct and valid way. A lot has evolved in Bollywood in terms of women’s portrayal, We hope it gets changed in a valid manner.