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Ok, let me first clear about it, we are talking about a mother’s love which is appreciated as above all the relationships. It’s said and of course true that maybe you can leave your mother, but she is not gonna leave you until her last breath. And I feel it’s true for each and every mother whether she is biological or not, working or housewife.
It’s because our social discrimination against mothers, that we expect her to be with only her child and leave every dream, any work, any further journey, basically lose her inner self for upbringing of her child. Even most of us, don’t even come forward to help them and if a mother start to progress in their lives, we declare her ‘selfish’, ‘ultra-modern’ etc.
Yes it’s true that a baby needs her mother most but can’t it’s needs will be less if other members of family also spend in him?
But, no. We’re not going to have her back, we’re going to pinch her lifetime because we indirectly believe in such principles that if I could not do, then you must not.
If you ask me, it’s not at all affect child’s upbringing. Even better. He/she will come to see a woman who is not only make a home alive but also live for herself. Yes, sometimes maybe the pressure will be too hard. But our children should know how to support their family and that will come from inside them. They will see that not only their father is rushing out but also their mother too because they both are living their life. A child born should never be a milestone to stop. They’ll be less pressurized because they’ll know that nobody’s dreams are getting broken for them. They’ll learn that in today’s society , not only Superman but wonder Woman is also truth.
Last but not the least, a baby needs mother just as a mother is a human being and human needs their dreams to survive a better life. So, nobody should ever forgo any of these. It’s not four walls who make a home, it’s a family supporting each other will make a perfect home. May there’ll be less time but quality time.