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simran arora
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While women’s issues of gender inequality are always a talk, only a few people or no one recognizes the impact of gender biases on men. The pain of a man begins since the day society teaches him that ‘you should not cry; instead, you should be strong.’ As much as it is a sexist remark, parents are the first in society to reinforce this idea.

Society’s standards and expectations are far ahead for men in society. The parent’s first thought of career and profession for their boy is engineer, banker, or doctor. Only a few consider the other options, and somehow, all these options land into MBA. Until the child wants to do it or rebels for his passion, the possibility of deciding what he wants to do in life is precisely less.

Men with a short height become the target more than the ones with a tall structure. It is sad how not only women but men are also the victims of appearance. The more sadistic part is yet to come. In marriage, when men agree to support their wives during pregnancy or take the responsibilities of fatherhood, society judges them for behaving like this. The men’s choices are not his choices but what society has thought for him.

Whether it is a career opportunity or choosing to cry to satisfy his emotional stability, he is not independent to decide for himself. So yes, I do agree that gender inequality not only harms women but also harms men.