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Marriage is a union of two people who accept to spend their whole life together in sorrows and happiness too. In marriages, both the partners are equally liable for each thing they decide on to do. It is said that Marriages are all about compromises and adjustments, understanding but it should be both ways. Not only one should adjust everything but the other partner should also.
When it comes to adjustments and understanding things, only women are taught to let go of things and compromise because still, people as a community consider women as inferior or less than men. Each girl is taught before marriage that she should learn to tolerate things and adjust and not speak up too much at her in-laws and in her married life, this clearly shows parents are ones who teach a female gender that in life you have to make adjustments whether it’s about her personal life or her career or maybe in her married life.
Many women’s cant pursue her dream and her passion just because after marriage she has to look after her family, in-laws, husband, children too. It is also said ‘Adjustments’ are important in women’s life to make their married life successful. But how much she will adjust? She’s already sacrificing her dreams and concerned about other things. These adjustments or compromises are done by every woman whether in any age, era, or situation, etc.
Time is changing now, women today can be a mothers as well as housewives with their profession too. She can be managing multiple roles at a time. So to make marriage life successful womens are not responsible solely to comprimise, but both are equally responsible.