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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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Importance of women self defense.
Self defense is the act of protecting one’s mental or physical well being from any sort of harm or ill-happenings. Self defense in today’s times is a necessity, and each and every individual must have the knack of it, for their own good. The number of crimes in today’s date, especially crimes against women, is increasing as every minute passes. I am here, to support the first proposition which says, that women must master self defense in order to continue the fight against crimes.
It is very normal to hear that one’s neighbor’s son be attending judo classes, or so and so boy be excelling in martial arts or karate or taekwondo. What isn’t normal to hear, is some little girl mastering any sort of self defense sport. And, this, my friends, needs to be normalized. Each girl, in the young age of innocence must be taught not only ‘good touch and bad touch,’ but also ‘self defense.’ When we hear that some girl was kidnapped in so and so bus in some or the other corner of a city, we all feel sorry about it. What we need to do in order to avoid more happenings of this sort, is to prepare ourselves for the worst of conditions possible.
At times, people say, “Why should we learn to protect ourselves? Why can’t criminals keep their hands to themselves?” Well, the very answer to this lies in front of us, and repeats itself every day. All kinds of feminists, activists, modernists, educationists, and responsible citizens have been trying their best to spread awareness about women empowerment to prevent any sort of crimes against women, but unfortunately, even the hardest of attempts haven’t been able to eradicate this issue from it’s roots which lie in the minds of a few people.
This is exactly ‘why’ one needs to be prepared for anything that shall come one’s way. This is ‘why’ self defense is very important for women. It will give the women of our society a different level of courage to stand out in the world and do whatever they must have dreamt of. It will help us destroy the intentions of committing crimes against women in the heads of those who are ready to do so. This is one largely impactful step towards making this world a safer and more peaceful place for the coming generations.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat