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simran arora
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Since gender bias began, it seems there is no end to it. Marriages in India came with gender bias where the only member to sacrifice everything was a woman. Bollywood and daily soaps participate in the idea of a sacrificial woman too. Time and again, the objective of motherhood and the dutiful wife repeats itself. If asked the reason, the only answer one may receive is that ‘you are a woman, and it is your responsibility.’

The woman empowerment continues until she gets married. Not every woman works after marriage, but only those whose in-laws allow. The familiar prospectus of jobs for women after marriage is a doctor or a teacher. And if some allow jobs in the corporate sector, then the daughter-in-law must reach home on time and do household chores too all by herself. One can interpret that some people want a maid and a nanny in the disguise of daughter-in-law.

Though the times are changing and there is some improvement, things remain the same when dug deeper. Before and after marriage, society still expects women to compromise in marriage. For example, if her husband drinks unusually a lot, she must accept it. If her husband chooses to beat her for taking out her frustration, she must not utter a word. Every marriage has problems. Men are not so mature to look after marriage; perhaps, it’s a woman’s responsibility. No matter how much the world is changing, some things never change. Or let’s say they are not going to change anytime soon.

A man does not have to worry about leaving his family or going far away from them. However, society prepares the woman to leave her home since her childhood. It is like a vow that one cannot break; otherwise, there would be repercussions.

The balance in married life can only begin when both the partners support each other, do things for each other, and care a little less about society’s thoughts. Only a few men support their wives for being a different person, yet society judges them too. Over time, the socialization has not been adapting the new customs of the world, instead of stereotyping the new practices like the neighborhood aunty who has a problem with everything.