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Society is still not really accepting homosexuality.
Homosexuality began to be frowned upon when the British Raj banned homosexual relations under sec 377 in 1861.
While in some cases, Indian society is willing to accept homosexuality in certain groups like professionals in the world of fashion or film. Today being a gay in India can be rejecting by family, groups, society, because some people accept it but not everyone.
When it comes to parents to bring their kids out their kids out of zone, during that time parents feel ashamed to introduce their kids to others because they are gay or they support the homosexuality.
On 24 August 2017,India’s supreme court gave the country’s LGBT community the freedom to express their sexual orientation. People feel homosexuality as looked down thing and so dont discuss these topics openly like other and that’s the main reason for homosexuality to be against Indian culture.
Not everyone are against this,but many are…And people should understand that nothing’s bad or wrong in selecting a same sex person for yourself.
We live in the 21st century where now,each topic and issues are discussed very openly and so homosexuality is also a wide area to give a thought on .No person or gender can be against a culture,there’s no such things which are with culture or against culture,It’s all about acceptance and thoughts.