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Yes, most of the people in society discriminate the women for adopting children. Our Indian society has a preconceived notion that women should have only to their blood child but this is very backward thinking. Some women face complications for conceiving the baby, some women are models they can’t hamper their figure, women’s who are in the army they adopt a baby there can be various reasons behind adopting the baby. It does not matter it’s your child or adopted one what matters is how much care and attention we give to a child. People should normalize this thing and through adoption, it gives new lives to both women and children and a bright future for child .people always have something to say. We have to break stereotypes and patriarchy. Discrimination can cause a bad affect on the child .the same-gender couples mostly adopt the child. We have to accept this change. Parents have understood the feeling of the child they need to make the child happy not facing any problem. Parents need to make sure child is loved unconditionally make them strong ready to face the world if somebody makes fun of them they should reply them without being emotional. Stop the discrimination every woman has the right to be a mother.