Apoorva Pathak
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The situation was already worst and this unprecedented situation has made it more unbearable for women’s society. The impact of the crisis was not gender-neutral. It has worsened the gender-poverty gap. According to the studies, more than 25% of the self-employment women have already lost their jobs and many more are still at the risk.
Studies also say that more male death in covid-19 has really affected married couple and adversely affected children’s future.
Covid-19 also increases domestic violence against women 30% of India experience physical violence. It has even increased rape cases in a rural areas after the migration of people due to lockdown. It has even increased unwanted pregnancy due to a lack of protective gear.
But many women were playing an important role such as covid-warriors, serving food to people, delivering essential items, sweeping and cleaning roads and public places, even on the office posting (IAS, IPS, IRS, etc), and many more behind the screen.
Albeit we have seen that many patients ill-treated them. This was a shame. They are fighting with this cruel situation neglecting their life and their family and helping others to recover well.
We have also seen that the women were working all day and night even in unpaid jobs. Taking care of children, cooking, washing, etc this has adversely affected women’s health. . Covid-19 situation also leads to a digital divide, and girls were not able to study due to house chores.

Because of lack of financial stability women were not having proper diet and medication. As our nation needs to prioritize to build future back strong our government has to launch the scheme. In support of women. Re-skill women, this will give social and economic strength. This year’s international women’s day theme was ‘ women in leadership’ so achieving leadership. We need to provide initiative through which we can fill the gap of disequilibrium in the society