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It’s believed majorly that ‘the idea of homosexuality is an illess, brought by the western culture’
We,Indians proudly claimed it. Though after banishing homosexuality from section 377,court doesn’t agree for homosexual marriage yet, our society still have a long time to accept that this theory is absolutely normal.
Primarily you can say, there’s lack of education on homosexuality. It’s normal for us to have a pair of xx or xy chromosome and thus to be attracted towards opposite sex. But it’s never been studied about sex orientation and their results in human. It may seems strange but yes, our elder ones can’t even accept about the existence of same sex attraction.
Further more, if you trust that it’s an illness or a Victorian style to fight alongside the LGBTQ community, you are mistaking our Indian Ocean of culture. Homosexuality was never against it, it’s always at the core of our culture as India had it’s long known heritage of preserving all kind of differences between human including homosexuality.
If we start from vedic age, in our one of the top most sacred text, Rigveda, state about “Vikriti ebam Prakriti”, means being unnatural is also natural. Many old written texts, ancient temples, long-heard stories, Khajuraho sculpture, even Ramayana has been declaring homosexuality openly.
Then from where these against homosexuality rituals are being made? Actually that western culture, whom you accused of taking these culture, is against it. Our Indian culture had always preserved homosexuality in it. But sadly at 18 th century, with the starting of British era, they claimed our culture to be the blizzare one as they can’t accept it’s vast differences and openly acceptance towards sex and sex orientation. Thus, article 377 came to ban all kind of sexual orientation which were unnatural to them. Though through various long legal battle and courage, we at last successfully paved the way for liberation of LGBTQ community, those Victorian culture got entrenched in our society.
According to even greatest of journalists, leaders, critics, author homosexuality is an illness and thus can be cured by medicines, yoga and sometimes by electric shock method leading to mental breakdown and disorder.
Whenever a film, book, debut with out diversity of indian culture made it’s way to our society, it gets burned, criticised. From political parties to even bajrang dal can’t keep calm.
Even families are being a huge trouble spot as our society allows only one type of family- Herero patriarchy, it never allows homosexuality in it.
And through all of these comes homophobia, which leads to hiding one’s own identity, can’t claim their rights, can’t complaint against assault and so on. In spite of being super modern, we can’t discriminate between gay and effeminate. Though in vedas, Upanishads and even kamasutra says that homosexual man can be effeminate or masculine .
Media personalities aren’t being effective as it’s another belief that you must be from LGBTQ community if you are talking alongside them.
To deal with these basic issues means there’s gonna be never-ending debates. In our country we have to fight for the role of our basics – it’s always same for either feminism, gender inequality, Dalit movement or for LGBTQ community.
If there’s anyone going against the culture then that’s our society, talking through the Victorian era. Indian culture has always accepted diversity and it’ll.