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Vivek Adatia
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Domestic violence is a much graver social issue than it is assumed to be. The reason that it poses such a threat to the society is because generally, it is not taken that seriously or more often than not it is shrugged off by most people. This is probably because they can hardly empathize with the woman who is on the receiving end of domestic violence nor are they directly affected by it. But the ones who are indeed directly and most adversely affected by domestic violence are the children of the house.

Children, as we all know, have quite impressionable minds. Whatever they see and observe at such young age, influences their traits and personality as adults. So when young boys and girls see their mother being mercilessly beaten and abused by their own father, one can only imagine how much it affects them! There can be multiple ways domestic violence affect the children. Some children gradually get used to these instances of violence at their homes and eventually become indifferent, which may lead to either themselves practicing this horrendous offense (in case of boys) when they become adults or to stay mum and quietly suffer this same atrocity as their mothers did (in case of girls), if they happen to suffer the same unfortunate fate as their mothers.

In other cases, these children undergo such severe mental trauma that growing up they become so emotionally numb that they lose the ability to love altogether. They struggle to build a meaningful relationship or even worse they despise getting into one. This is because being firsthand witness to domestic violence in their childhood, probably make them lose faith in the existence of love altogether. The most worrisome thing here is that, in almost all cases they are not even aware of this mental trauma of theirs. Such children are often found to be staying aloof, easily irritated, underachieving, temperamental and inhospitable in their disposition. This may even result in them being bullied at schools and colleges which only makes their mental condition messier.

All these often overlooked aspects of domestic violence must be taken more seriously and more stringent measures must be taken to control the instances of domestic violence. Women should be empowered enough so that they can take a stand against the atrocities being committed against them. This way they can probably foster their children better and save them from being sucked into the black hole of hopelessness and hatred. Children, as we know are the future of our race and if they don’t turn out good for any reason, our future will be dire jeopardy.