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Gender inequality is a threat to the society that includes both men and women. In the presence of gender inequality the society has divided everything in two parts where some things belong to the boys or men, and some belongs to girls and women, where women are bound to stay at home doing the house chores, men are also expected to go out and earn a livelihood for their families whether they want to do this or not. Gender inequality has created a hole in the society where everyone around has to work how the society wants them to, and not by their choice. Men are always expected to act strong in every situation, they’re not expected to cry because that’s what girls do. This society has grabbed basic human emotions into their unequal norms which are totally a threat to the society. The thinking of the society related to inequality needs to change and they need to turn their mindset towards an equal world where everyone is allowed to live their life on their own terms, in which a man and a woman can choose if they want to work for earning a livelihood or they have to sit at home doing the house chores. Boys and girls need not be discriminated upon the toys they play with. When people will stop judging a person on the basis of his/her gender is when this society will actually be considered equal.